Which Color, What Pack – Crayola Colored Pencils

In which Curator Prime shares her education regarding the colors contained within the 12, 24, 36, 50, and 64 colored pencils packs from Crayola.

All of the Vintage Coloring books‘ covers are colored with Crayola colored pencils. Curator Prime specifically chose that coloring tool to demonstrate what is possible at an economical price. All colors used on a specific cover are noted on the copyright page of that book.

This also means Curator Prime has been using her Crayola colored pencils quite frequently, and has therefore found herself in need of more, as some colors have been sharpened to the point [unintentional pun] of being difficult to hold.


The favored slate, harvest gold, and turquoise vs. the ignored silver, bubblegum, and white.

Thus Curator Prime went in search of the same pack she had originally purchased, that of 50 Crayola colored pencils. She was surprised to discover such a pack was scarce in local retail establishments and that some of her needed colors were not available in packs of other quantities. In fact, there was quite the variety of colors in the other packs, including colors which Curator Prime did not have, a tragedy which had to be rectified forthwith.

And so we come to the following photographs of the back of the various packs which dictate the specific colors within:

12 Crayola Colored Pencils – Long


Red, Red Orange, Orange, Yellow, Yellow Green, Green, Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, Black, Brown, White – purchase on Amazon

24 Crayola Colored Pencils – Long


Mahogany, Red, Red Orange, Orange, Yellow Orange, Golden Yellow, Yellow, Yellow Green, Jade Green, Green, Aqua Green, Sky Blue, Light Blue, Blue, Violet (Purple), Magenta, Pink, Peach, Tan, Light Brown, Brown, Black, Gray, White – purchase on Amazon

36 Crayola Colored Pencils – Long


Raspberry, Maroon, Red, Red Orange, Orange, Light Orange, Yellow Orange, Golden Yellow, Yellow, Bronze Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Green, Jade Green, Green, Pine Green, Green Blue, Aqua Green, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Slate, Violet (Purple), Magenta, Pink, Salmon, Peach, Tan, Light Brown, Mahogany, Brown, Dark Brown, Cool Gray, Gray, Black, White – purchase on Amazon

50 Crayola Colored Pencils – Long


Raspberry, Maroon, Red, Red Orange, Orange, Light Orange, Yellow Orange, Mango, Golden Yellow, Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, Yellow Green, Jade Green, Green, Pine Green, Teal, Green Blue, Aqua Green, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Cerulean, Light Blue, Blue, Navy Blue, Violet (Purple), Orchid, Mauve, Pale Rose, Pink, Magenta, Bubblegum, Salmon, Peach, Light Brown, Mahogany, Brown, Dark Brown, Taupe, Sand, Tan, Harvest Gold, Bronze Yellow, Gold, Silver, Gray, Cool Gray, Slate, Black, White – purchase on Amazon

64 Crayola Colored Pencils – Short


Scarlet, Red, Brick Red, Red Orange, Orange, Vivid Tangerine, Macaroni and Cheese, Yellow Orange, Apricot, Laser Lemon, Yellow, Dandelion, Golden Rod, Green Yellow, Screamin’ Green, Spring Green Yellow Green, Granny Smith Apple, Green, Olive Green, Sea Green, Blue Green, Turquoise Blue, Robin’s Egg Blue, Sky Blue, Cadet Blue, Periwinkle, Cerulean, Blue, Pacific Blue, Indigo, Blue Violet, Wisteria, Purple Mountain’s Majesty, Violet, Plum, Red Violet, Orchid, Lavender, Violet Red, Peach, Salmon, Melon, Mauvelous, Tickle Me Pink, Carnation Pink, Hot Magenta, Wild Watermelon, Magenta, Tumbleweed, Tan, Raw Sierra, Burnt Sienna, Mahogany, Brown, Chesnut, Beaver, Sepia, Gold, Silver, Timberwolf, Gray, Black, White – purchase on Amazon


Should find yourself slightly befuddled, Curator Prime sympathizes. The colors change listed order, sometime do and sometimes do not have an alternate name, and in at least one case (Salmon), seems to change hue rather severely. There is also the length of the colored pencil to consider.

Once the colors were sorted in the same order, however, there was less chaos than there initially seemed to be. Curator Prime has listed the most important aspects of her findings as such …

  1. The 64 pack, while having the most colors, including colors not available in other packs, consists of Short pencils, as in these pencils measure a length of three inches* compared to the Long pencils in all of the other packs at a length of seven inches.
  2. The colors in the 12 pack are included in the 24, 36, 50, and 64 packs.
  3. Should you wish to own all the colors, you would need to purchase the 50 pack and the 64 pack.
  4. Should you wish to own all the colors available as Long pencils, you would need to purchase the 50 pack.

*  The slate/left-most pencil in the photograph at the beginning of this commentary is 3.5 inches long, and Curator Prime felt the need to get a new pencil, if that is of any help in your decision making process.

You may use the following chart to decide which packs you wish to purchase in order to achieve the most colors that interest you. Click to view full size and save to your computer/device if you wish.

Crayola colored pencil chart - colors per pack






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  1. this is all great, BUT I only need gold and silver (and the ones from crayola are the best) but as we already have way too many pencils I dont want to add another 50 just to have a new silver and gold. Any idea as to where one can buy the colours separately?? Cheers Juliane

    • Hi Juliane – Sorry, I don’t know of a way to just get a silver and gold of the Crayola colored pencils. I did find a Crayola Metallic set on Amazon, though I haven’t tried them out myself. It says they have “shimmer,” so slightly different from the regular silver and gold, but the other colors might be a nice addition to your stash. 🙂

  2. I personally like the 24 pack because of its simple and diverse enough palette although the real reason that I like it was because I only favor half of the specific colors in it which are Black Gray White Pink Red Brown Orange Apricot/Peach Yellow Green Blue Violet and those alone.

    It’s very hard and rare to find the specific color palette that I want and I don’t wanna waste the other colors just to get those.

  3. I need amber and some sort of pale-ish purple and I have no idea how to find them. I thought the purple might be lavender but judging by the shade on the box, I was wrong. What I’m looking for is closer to cadet blue, but that still isn’t quite right. Especially because it still has to be a shade of purple in some form or fashion.

  4. I always run out of certain colors and then have to buy a whole pack to get them. Raspberry and Maroon only come in the 36 pack. I rarely if ever use most of the colors in that pack. Any suggestions? I always run out of green and brown. I end up with lots of colors I never use. It’s such a waste.

  5. There’s not a good option if you want to stay with Crayola. Some brands sell individual pencils (EX: Prismacolor – https://amzn.to/3uPdfWw) so if you found an equivalent green and brown you liked from them, you could stay with Crayola for the other colors and replace the ones you use most with the other brand. Sorry for the delay answering your comment – thanks for stopping by!

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