Magnetic Poppet Paper Doll

I have loved Lisa Snellings’ Poppets for many years, and am happy to provide a home for several of them, as well as a Cosmic Bibbit and a Stowaway.

On her Patreon project, Lisa has a supporter level that includes colorable Poppet paper dolls. So far, there is the base Poppet, a set of pajamas with hat and a Cup of Nope, a Crow Mask outfit and a Fancy Coat. While I adore coloring them, I’m not into paper dolls, and I wanted to create a life beyond just being a coloring page.

Thus the Magnetic Poppet Paper Doll was envisioned, concepted, and created thusly …

Modify original paper Poppet base to be smaller and less flappy. Print and color. Repeat with pajamas. Use of toxic pink on the angry bunny slippers is optional. 

original and adapted paper Poppet base

original and adapted Poppet pajamas


Run a black marker along the edge of the paper cutouts to eliminate the white.  May not matter to some. Mattered enough to me to take care of it now instead of three days later when the twitch of seeing the white edge would have become a seething wave beneath my skin. Not a Perfectionist, just know when Things Are Done Right or Wrongly Enough To Need To Be Fixed.

use black marker on edges of paper Poppet to get rid of white edges


Having already bought thin, flexible adhesive magnetic sheets, pull the waxy paper backing off the sheet. Save for later.

CAREFULLY place the paper cutouts on sticky side of the magnetic sheet.  Sticky side is VERY STICKY so I’ve put the CAREFULLY at the beginning of that sentence because bad things happen when they put the warning after the spell.

paper Poppet and pajamas on sticky side of thin magnetic sheet


You now have a magnetic Poppet paper doll and pajamas that are unwieldy and no fun to play dress up. Therefore, cut out the Poppet paper doll and the pajamas and the hat; don’t forget the hat. 

cut out magentic paper Poppet and pajamas


You now have a magnetic Poppet paper doll and pajamas (with hat!) that are fabulous and fun and will sticky to most metal surfaces to which magnetic things stick. Like refrigerators. 




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  1. I love what you did with this!

    I adore Poppets also. I have several, plus a Bibbit. I’m not sure what a Stowaway is in this context, though.

    I have an fun art project into which I’m hoping to incorporate Poppets too. 🙂

    • Thanks, Amy!

      The Stowaway showed up in the same package as a Bibbit I ordered once. Here’s a pic of the Cosmic Bibbit (left) and the Stowaway (right) hanging out in my bookcase:

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