Big Eggs, Little Bunnies: A Not Very Vintage Coloring Book PDF

Curator Prime’s first Not Very Vintage Coloring Book premieres this week with an Easter theme of decorated Easter eggs and small rabbits.

As much as she enjoys coloring vintage styled and themed artwork, every now and then Curator Prime longs for a particular topic or more modern linework. She enjoys coloring the artwork of several contemporary coloring book artists, though sometimes she wants a particularly specific piece of art and not finding it, will create it herself from artwork produced by artists and companies who create it for just such an endeavor.

And so we come to the VC Bazaar Digital Exclusive of Big Eggs, Little Bunnies: A Not Very Vintage Coloring Book PDF of 5 coloring pages designed by Curator Prime (AKA Heidi Berthiaume) featuring the bunnies of Shark&Croc Co. and decorated eggs courtesy of the constructor by Irina Trigubova.

You can see all of the coloring pages included in the PDF online, as Curator Prime wants you to know exactly what you are purchasing.

Big Eggs, Little Bunnies Not Very Vintage Coloring Book Cover



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