Inspired By The Art Of Paul Decker Vintage Coloring Book, Vol. 1

This coloring book forges a new direction for Vintage Coloring in that the illustrations contained within were drawn by Curator Prime based on inspirations from the original source, which in this case was a two book collection released in 1795 by architect Paul Decker of his drawings made while visiting China.

This source also has notably the longest subtitle Curator Prime has come across to date: “Being a Large Collection of the Most Elegant and Useful Designs of Plans and Elevations, &c. From the Imperial Retreat to the smallest Ornamental Building in China. Likewise their Marine Subjects. The Whole to adorn Gardens, Parks, Forests, Woods, Canals, &c. Consisting of great Variety, among which are the following, viz. Royal Garden Seats, Heads and Terminations for Canals, Alcoves, Banqueting Houses, Temples both open and close, adapted for Canals and other Ways, Bridges, Summer-Houses, Repositories, Umbrello’d Seats, cool Retreats, the Summer Dwelling of a Chief Bonza or Priest, Honorary Pagodas, Japanese and Imperial Barges of China. Also those for the Emperor’s Women, and principal Officers attending on the Emperor, Pleasure Boats, &c. To which are added, Chinese Flowers, Landscapes, Figures, Ornaments, &c.”

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The following images are all of the pages included in this vintage adult coloring book:

– Twenty full page (8.5″ x 11″) illustrations, one per page, or repeating geometric patterns. While some images appear smaller than others in the gallery below, all illustrations are of a full page size.

– Twenty 4” x 6” of the single images used to create the full page illustrations, two per page

The last few pages of the coloring book are intentionally left blank so you have a place to try out the coloring implements of your choice.

Due to the thickness of the paper, colored pencils are recommended. Markers may be used, and even though the images are printed single-sided, a sheet of cardstock or a few pieces of copy paper under the page you are coloring is useful to prevent possible bleed-through onto the next illustration.

Download a free coloring page inspired by Paul’s drawings..

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