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Cupcake Coloring Page Advent Calendar

Curator Prime loves coloring and advent calendars and for this year, has created a coloring page advent calendar of cupcakes. While this illustration is not of a vintage style per se, cupcakes did evolve in the 19th century, thus they are within the purview of this site.

Curator Primes wishes you the best of health and happiness for this holiday season and hopes you have a few minutes to enjoy coloring a cupcake each day.

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Hereby presenting an excerpt from A Maryland Manor (1901) by Frederic Emory. It tells the story of today’s Free Friday Vintage Coloring Page which is book poster based on the frontspiece by West Clinedinst.

“When Lydia appeared in the doorway, the smokers, tilted back comfortably in large, rush-bottomed chairs, were well advanced in enjoyment of the weed. Each had a clay pipe with a long reed stem, and the atmosphere was thick with smoke from fragrant tobacco grown on the estate. Lydia waited, mischievously, for the anathema Uncle Josias would be swift to pronounce, but the old fellow merely grunted and gave a longer pull at his pipe.”

Click on the image to show the hi-resolution version. Right click/touch-and-hold to save the file to your computer/device. It will print comfortably and cleanly on an 8.5″ x 11″ paper, or can be sized smaller in the software of your choice.

A Maryland Manor - a free Vintage Coloring page

This image is given freely unto you for your personal use. Print, color, share, post (with a link back to if you would be so kind) – any of those actions in isolation or combination. This image is not to be sold nor placed upon images that are sold. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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Custom Colored Vintage Illustrations Kickstarter

Curator Prime (AKA Heidi Berthiaume) has launched a one week Kickstarter project to offer Custom Colored Vintage Illustrations. The gist of the project is that you choose one of the five available illustrations, provide the color palette of your choice, and she will use her Copic markers to render unto you a unique piece of art. Read More →

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The Art of Charles Robinson, Vol. 1 Sampler PDF

In honor of the one year anniversary of the first Vintage Coloring book, Curator Prime has created a five page sampler PDF of pages from The Art of Charles Robinson, Volume 1 print edition.

In celebration of this anniversary, The Art of Charles Robinson Vol. 1 PDF sampler will be on sale for half of the regular price from November 11th through Midnight Central Time, November 13th.

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Curator Prime’s Patreon Project – Patronage Coloring Books Benefiting Children’s Literacy

Curator' Prime's Patreon - Adventurer Reward Level

Curator Prime is delighted to announce a new aspect of Vintage Coloring – a Patreon project to create and publish special coloring books to benefit the children’s literacy charity, Kids Need To Read. Read More →

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Adult Coloring Book Treasury – 55 Artists, 110 Illustrations

Adult Coloring Book Treasury on AmazonCurator Prime is overjoyed to present to you the Adult Coloring Book Treasury!

She is one of fifty-five artists who have each donated two illustrations to create this unique collection of a great variety of illustrative styles and designs for your coloring enjoyment.

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Vintage Coloring & The Grown Up Coloring Book Easter Bonanza Facebook Event

Facebook Event Grown Up Coloring Book Easter Bonanza

Each hour of the event will be hosted by a different coloring book artist. Vintage Coloring’s hour will be from 4-5 PM EST. During that time, by commenting on Curator Prime’s posts in the event, you will have the chance to win copies of four of the existing Vintage Coloring books, as well as two Copic starter kits considerately crafted by Curator Prime herself.

You may tell Facebook you are Interested or Going to the event, which will let FB send you a reminder close to the starting time of 10 AM EST on Friday, March 4th. “Tickets” are not required, however should you wish to sign up for Inkovator‘s email newsletter {the sponsor of this event), you will also receive an email reminder from them regarding the event.

The previous Facebook event hosted this way had over 800 participants, so Curator Prime is quite excited to be able to be one of the artists of an hour. She also realized she should take her email list more seriously, so should you wish to sign up below, you will receive an email reminder regarding this event and can provide feedback should anything seem amiss with the email list email.


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#ColorOurCollections – A Bored Panda Post

color our collections free vintage coloring pages

Curator Prime has ventured further from the safety of her own website into the forest of the Bored Panda. Should you be interested in free vintage coloring pages from libraries’ special collections, the #colorOurCollections social media event will happen from February 1st through 5th and you are invited. More information and sample images in the Bored Panda post.

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Book Birthday – The Art of Clara E. Atwood, Volume 1

Clara Atwood Vintage Coloring Book coverToday marks the release of the third Vintage Coloring adult coloring book, The Art of Clara E. Atwood, Volume 1. This adult coloring book features illustrations from the collection, A Book of Nursery Rhymes.

[And There Was Much Rejoicing (yaaaaaaaay!)]

You may purchase the adult coloring book on Amazon and all of the pages within are revealed  here on our website.

If you’d like to try out Clara’s illustration style, you can download a free coloring page from our Free Coloring Page Friday collection.

Filled with children and parents and old women with pigs and flying geese, Clara’s endearing artwork represents childhood with elegant lines and often minimal backgrounds.

There are 20 unique full, page designs and 20 postcards-sided (4″ x 6″) images of close-ups from those original illustrations. Every page is single sided and the 60 lb. paper is excellent for colored pencils. There are also several blank pages at the end of the book so you may try out the coloring implement of your choice and practice coloring combinations.

Vintage Coloring will be releasing an adult coloring book once a month showcasing various artists from the late nineteenth century through the early twentieth century. We look forward to sharing this beautiful bygone art with you.

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vintage caturday catAnnouncing a new weekly series of images regarding vintage felines which will post on Saturdays. While not designed to be colored, Curator Prime feels they offer amusement and undeniable proof that human fascination with dressing their pets is a time-honored tradition.

Image credit: From The New York Public Library, 1918

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