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Pierrot Reading – Coloring with Copic Markers

One of the primary reasons Curator Prime publishes vintage coloring books is that there are so few story-based, detailed coloring books available. This means, once a book is published, Curator Prime has a new set of illustrations to color. This Curator Coloring using Copic markers is from The Art of Aubrey Beardsley, Volume 1.

While a relatively simple design, Curator Prime has a multitude of work-in-progress photographs to share with you, should you wish to re-create her interpretation and avoid her less-than-successful experiments. A complete list of markers used is noted at the end, as well as a link to a free downloadable coloring page of an Aubrey illustration.

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Hereby presenting an excerpt from the literary magazine The Savoy (No. 6, 1896) written and illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley. It tells the story of today’s Free Friday Vintage Coloring Page.

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Aubrey Beardsley Vintage Coloring Book, Vol. 1

Art of Aubrey Beardsley Vintage Coloring Book, Volume 1An English illustrator, art editor, and author, Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898) had a very influential career before passing away at age 26 from tuberculosis. His work ranges across a variety of styles, from wood-cut to detailed pen and ink.

In this first volume of Aubrey’s work, images were curated from a variety of sources including covers of the literary magazine The Savoy, a play about the clown Pierrot, and a mock epic poem written by Alexander Pope.


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The following images are all of the pages included in this vintage adult coloring book (the website URL is only on these images; it is not printed on the pages in the book):

– Twenty full page (8.5″ x 11″) illustrations, one per page. While some images appear smaller than others in the gallery below, all illustrations are of a full page size; most presented vertically, some presented horizontally.

– Twenty 4” x 6” images, two per page

The last few pages of the coloring book are intentionally left blank so you have a place to try out the coloring implements of your choice.

Due to the thickness of the paper, colored pencils are recommended. Markers may be used, and even though the images are printed single-sided, a sheet of cardstock or a few pieces of copy paper under the page you are coloring is useful to prevent possible bleed-through onto the next illustration.

Download a free coloring page in this style of Aubrey’s work.


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