Let this serve as notice that every Friday of the week, Vintage Coloring shall post a high resolution, free coloring page which anyone may download and use for their personal enjoyment.

Sharing of the original free image, and of those colored images that are created is encouraged. If you feel a link back to this website as the source of that image is appropriate, we would greatly appreciate your kindness.

Selling of the original free image or using the original free image to create things that are sold is greatly discouraged and we have faith in you to make the right decision.

Free Coloring Page Friday will commence on Friday, November 6, 2015.


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  1. I absolutely LOVE these vintage photos, especially the Caturday series! Do you ever have any similar to the Saturday Evening Post or the New Yorker magazine covers? Thank you for sharing these amazing pieces of art.

    • Curator Prime has not specifically looked into acquiring copies of those magazines, however it is a suggestion that appeals to her. Thank you for your kind remarks.

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