Adult Coloring Book Treasury – 55 Artists, 110 Illustrations

Adult Coloring Book Treasury on AmazonCurator Prime is overjoyed to present to you the Adult Coloring Book Treasury!

She is one of fifty-five artists who have each donated two illustrations to create this unique collection of a great variety of illustrative styles and designs for your coloring enjoyment.

The book is available on Amazon at cost (we are not taking any profit so that the price may be as affordable as possible) and those with a Prime membership will be granted free shipping.

Should you wish to see *every* *page* in this book, you may do so by viewing this video created by the wonderful Shelly:

Curator Prime contributed an illustration from The Art of Percy J. Billinghurst, Volume 1 and an illustration from The Art of Walter Crane, Volume 1.

If you are new to adult coloring, looking for new art to color, or need a gift for someone, the Adult Coloring Book Treasury is a delightful option.


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