Hereby presenting an excerpt from Fable #30 “The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse” from Æsop’s Fables: A New Version, Chiefly From the Original Sources (1911) by Thomas James, M. A., Late Hon. Canon of Peterborough. It tells the story of today’s Free Friday Vintage Coloring Page which is an illustration by John Tenniel, known for his Alice in Wonderland artwork.

“Once upon a time a Country Mouse who had a friend in town invited him, for old acquaintance sake, to pay him a visit in the country. The invitation being accepted in due form, the Country Mouse, though plain and rough and somewhat frugal in his nature, opened his heart and store, in honour of hospitality and an old friend. There was not a carefully stored up morsel that he did not bring forth out of his larder, peas and barley, cheese-parings and nuts, hoping by quantity to make up what he feared was wanting in quality, to suit the palate of his dainty guest. The Town Mouse, condescending to pick a bit here and a bit there, while the host sat nibbling a blade of barley-straw, at length exclaimed, “How is it, my good friend, that you can endure the dulness of this unpolished life ? You are living like a toad in a hole. You can’t really prefer these solitary rocks and woods to streets teeming with carriages and men. On my honour, you are wasting your time miserably here. We must make the most of life while it lasts. A mouse, you know, does not live for ever. So come with me, and I’ll show you life and the town.”

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Town Mouse and Country Mouse by John Tenniel - free Vintage Coloring page

This image is given freely unto you for your personal use. Print, color, share, post (with a link back to if you would be so kind) – any of those actions in isolation or combination. This image is not to be sold nor placed upon images that are sold. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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