Hereby presenting an excerpt from the collection Pictures from English Literature (1870) from the essay about Henry Fielding. It tells the story of today’s Free Friday Vintage Coloring Page which is an illustration by George Du Maurier.

“The squire in his own way grows daily fonder of his daughter, and he keeps her about him as much as possible. So he made her accompany him in the hunting field, and in the evening, when he returned weary, and flung himself in his chair, and lighted his pipe, with his bottle beside him, he would summon Sophia to her harpsichord to play for him, a duty which she discharged with the utmost pleasure.”

Click on the image to show the hi-resolution version. Right click/touch-and-hold to save the file to your computer/device. It will print comfortably and cleanly on an 8.5″ x 11″ paper, or can be sized smaller in the software of your choice.

Sohpia Western - a free Vintage Coloring page

This image is given freely unto you for your personal use. Print, color, share, post (with a link back to if you would be so kind) – any of those actions in isolation or combination. This image is not to be sold nor placed upon images that are sold. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.







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  1. I only have the web on my phone but I can go to the library and print pages from my email. Do you put the link for printable pages in the newsletter? If so, please add me. I love these pages and post my work online. Thank you! ⛱

    • Greetings, Jaikai. Curator Prime did an experiment on her phone and believes she has found a solution for your situation:

      1) Go to a Free Coloring Page such as this very one ( where you can see the informational text and the small image of the coloring page

      2) Click on the small image of the coloring page – you should now see only the coloring page at a very large size

      3) Use the Email feature of your phone’s browser to send the image to your email

      The newsletter does not currently contain links directly to the coloring images, though links to the Free Coloring Page Friday web pages the same as on this website via this page ( are sometimes included.

      Should the above steps not get you what you need, please contact Curator Prime via the Contact page ( and she will work with you to make this possible. Thank you for making time to leave a comment.

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