Custom Colored Vintage Illustrations Kickstarter

Curator Prime (AKA Heidi Berthiaume) has launched a one week Kickstarter project to offer Custom Colored Vintage Illustrations. The gist of the project is that you choose one of the five available illustrations, provide the color palette of your choice, and she will use her Copic markers to render unto you a unique piece of art.

And for every piece of unique art pledged for, she will be able to purchase 3 additional Copic markers.

As shown in these examples, the possibilities are endless:









This Kickstarter is part of the All-in-1 effort and therefore will end late evening on Sunday, March 19th. The project has already funded, so everyone who pledges will receive their reward by July of this year.

Curator Prime is also posting Updates regarding how the examples were colored and other coloring-process bits of information, which can be read without becoming a backer (though she hopes you find one of the illustrations worthy of your time and money).





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