Caturday is Coming (Again)

caturday artist katherine simpson colored by vintage coloring

A new version of Caturday is coming to Vintage Coloring in May 2018.

The previous version of Caturday was black and white and short lived. What will begin this Saturday, May 5th, and continue throughout the year (for that is the plan), is in color and in support of individual coloring book artists.

Each Saturday, Curator Prime will post a coloring she completed, likely in Copic markers, of an illustration containing a cat. Or cats. The post will also contain links to the artist’s work, should you wish to follow up.

The artist of this Caturday promotional graphic is Katherine Simpson. The illustration is from her book, Feline Dreams, and is a Curator Coloring using Copic markers on copy paper.

You can find more of Katherine’s art at the following online locations:



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