Presenting an illustration by J. D. Batten from A Masque of Dead Florentines (1895) as today’s Free Friday Vintage Coloring Page.

“LUIGI PULCI [gnawing a stone]:

Let who wins laugh : I laugh’d at Heaven and Earth
Dante saw Grief and lov’d her ; I chose Mirth.
Mirth and I laugh’d till we were out of breath,
And left one laughing still the jester, Death.”

  • Click on the image to show the hi-resolution version.
  • Right click/touch-and-hold to save the file to your computer/device.
  • It will print comfortably and cleanly on an 8.5″ x 11″ paper, or can be sized smaller in the software of your choice.

Jester Death - A Free Vintage Coloring Page

This image is given freely unto you for your personal use. Print, color, share, post (with a link back to if you would be so kind) – any of those actions in isolation or combination. This image is not to be sold nor placed upon images that are sold. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


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