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Hereby presenting an excerpt from Insect Stories (1908) by Vernon L. Kellogg. It tells the story of today’s Free Friday Vintage Coloring Page.

“Hoppers is coming boy; see that sort o’ shiny thin cloud up there jest off the edge o’ the sun? Well, them’s hoppers.”

“But how’ll they eat us up, Mr. Beasley? No grasshopper can eat me up.”

“They’ll eat us up with their doggoned terbaccy-spittin’ mouths; thet’s how. And they’ll eat you up by eatin’ everything you want to eat; thet’s how, too. Havin’ nothin’ to eat is jest about the same as bein’ et, accordin’ to the way I looks at things.”

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Giant Grasshopper - a free Vintage Coloring page

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